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The Skinny: Carolina 6, Isles 3 (Carolina wins series 4-1)

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Quick correction: 4 pp goals against

Upon further review---

The Isles allowed 4 power play goals Saturday night for the first time since February 26, 2000 [a 5-1 home loss to Philadelphia on a night the Islanders celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first Stanley Cup].

They actually allowed five pp goals in the December 30, 1999 game previously cited [a 9-3 loss in Pittsburgh; Jagr had seven points and Gino Odjick's cheapshot of Darius Kasparaitis helped the Penguins to four power play goals in the third period]

By The Numbers: Buffalo 6, Islanders 4

By the Numbers #2 -10/29/05

Some notes By the Numbers from the Isles’ 6-4 loss to Buffalo:

4+3 =7. The Isles allowed four pp goals, including three in the third period. They’ve allowed seven in the last two home games. It’s the first time since December 30, 1999 [Pittsburgh] that the Isles have allowed 4 pp goals in a game; it hasn’t happened at home since March 7, 1998 [Colorado].

8 + 7 = 15 -> 112. With Satan’s 8 goals and Yashin’s 7, they are on a projected pace to combine for 112 goals. The club record for two players is 116, set by Bossy [69] and Trottier [47] in 1978-79.

0. Janne Niinimaa did not take a minor penalty; Alexei Zhitnik however, took 3. 18 -> 134. The Isles have allowed 18 power play goals this season, which is on pace to demolish the club record of 103.

13,226 means that there were over 3,000 empty seats.

3-2-0 Even with the loss tonight, the Isles enjoyed a winning October at home. They had a winning record at home every month in the 2003-04 season.

11:41 The amount of time the Isles spent killing penalties. They had only 6:34 of pp time.

0 The Isles did not have a power play in the second period –the first period all season without an Islander advantage.

1 Robert Nilsson scored his first NHL goal – only 263 behind his dad.

1 Robert Nilsson was named the game’s First Star.

1 time in his NHL career Robert Nilsson has incorrectly been named the game’s First Star.

4 players, two for the Isles [Satan/Zhitnik] and two for the Sabres[Dumont, Connolly] scored against their former team.

2 times this season that Rick DiPietro hasn’t finished what he was started. He was replaced by Garth Snow after allowing the third goal.

20 Snow made his first Coliseum appearance in twenty months [2-29-04]

10 Number of consecutive games that Ryan Miller had started for Buffalo before Marty Biron made his NHL debut tonight.

7 Jay Mc Kee leads the NHL in blocked shots; seven more went to his total tonight.

5-14 A bad win-loss record on face-offs for Mike York tonight.

20-9 A dominant performance by Chris Drury in the same statistic.

4 The Isles’ home winning streak vs. Buffalo, which ended tonight.

5-6-0 The Isles end October below .500

5-6-2 The Isles drop to 5-6-2 on this date; they defeated San Jose 8-4 on this date 14 years ago. It was the first-ever meeting between the teams and the first win by the Isles since their acquisition of Pierre Turgeon.

0200 10302005 Turn back your clock overnight!

1000 10302005 Practice time for the Isles on Sunday; AP reports that the Isles cancelled a previously scheduled day off.

Out of Town: 4 consecutive goals for Dany Heatley in an 8-0 Ottawa romp in Toronto. It’s Toronto’s worst home loss since 1989.

Up Next: Isles-Bruins @ the Coliseum. Tuesday 7pm. The last time these two teams met it was a scoreless tie. Want to bet it doesn’t happen again? Howie and Joe will have the game on FSN-NY; John and Chris will cover it for Bloomberg 1130.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fwd: By the Numbers: Islanders 4, Atlanta 3

--- Forever Nineteen Forty <forever1940@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 21:08:15 -0700 (PDT) > From: Forever Nineteen Forty <forever1940@yahoo.com> > Subject: By the Numbers: Islanders 4, Atlanta 3 > To: islanderfans@yahoogroups.com, IslesList > <isles-list@replayer.com>, > newyorkislanders@yahoogroups.com > > By the Numbers #1 > > Some notes by the numbers from the Isles 4-3 win over Atlanta: > > 152:21 - The Isles finally allowed a goal to Atlanta after > back-to-back shutouts in the 2003-04 season. It's the sixth > time > in club history that they've had at least two straight > shutouts > against one opponent. > > The list: > 4 straight vs. Tampa Bay 1998 [277:44] > 3 straight vs. Washington 1996-97 [222:11] > 2 straight vs. Washington 1977-78 [154:08] > 2 straight vs. Atlanta 2003-05 [152:21] since Serge Aubin > scored the winning goal in a 4-3 Atlanta win on November 8, > 2003] > 2 straight vs. Washington 1974-75 [135:02] -- streak started > with first-ever meeting > 2 straight vs. Philadelphia 2001-02 [134:03] > > [These are not necessarily the six longest shutout streaks -- > you can get a streak of nearly 180 minutes and only have one > shutout in that span] > > 2x2x2+ For the third straight game, the Isles scored at > least > two power play goals and allowed at least two power play > goals. > The Isles have scored 12 pp goals and allowed 13 this season. > The Isles have scored two power play goals in four straight > games and have allowed at least two five times in the first > nine > games. > > 0 As in penalty shot goals allowed by the Isles since 1997. > Rob Zamuner of Tampa is the last opponent to convert a penalty > shot. Six different goalies have stopped nine shots since. > DiPietro faced Patrik Stefan [who missed the net] in this > game—he has stopped all three he has faced [Michael Nylander > in > 2002, Erik Cole in 2004]. Of course in regular season play, > the > Isles have fared no better –failing on eight straight, > including > Satan earlier this year. > > 4, 5, 5, 7 Satan scored in his fourth straight game; Zhitnik > added an assist in his fifth straight, while Yashin helped for > the fifth straight and recorded a point for the 7th straight > game. Satan’s goal scoring streak is the longest by an Isle > since Parrish did so late in the 2003-04 season; no Isles had > a > five-game streak in that season. Yashin’s point streak is the > longest since Blake had a seven-game streak in March, 2004. > The > club records are 11 [goals], 9[assists] and 25 [points]. Give > yourself a hand if you remember LaFontaine’s goal scoring > streak > or Trottier’s point scoring streak. Tom Kurvers is the last > Isle to earn an assist in 7 straight. > > 297 Yashin's career goal total, including two tonight. > > 201 Satan's goal total since the beginning of the 1998-99 > season [he was ninth in that category when the season began] > > 4 Obscure club record department – it’s the 13th time in > Isles > history that there have been four power play goals [both > teams] > in one period. > > 7 + 6 = 13 --> 118. With Satan’s 7 goals and Yashin’s 6, > they > are on a projected pace to combine for 118 goals. The club > record for two players is 116, set by Bossy [69] and Trottier > [47] in 1978-79. > > 13 --> 118. Janne Niinimaa has now taken 13 minor penalties > this season, which also projects to 118 for the season. > > 13 --> 118. The Isles have allowed 13 power play goals this > season, which is on pace to demolish the club record of 103. > > 10,371 Second smallest crowd in the NHL this season. > > 3-1-0 The Isles are guaranteed a winning October at home. > They > had a winning record at home every month in the 2003-04 > season. > > 1,300 NHL games for Scott Mellanby—35th all-time. He left the > game injured, in the 2nd period. > > 4-0-0 The Isles record when leading after two periods this > season. It’s 48-0-8 in 56 games [the longest active streak in > the NHL] since the Capitals they rallied from a 1-0 deficit on > December 21, 2002 to beat the Isles 3-1. > > 17:55 The amount of time the Isles spent killing penalties. > They had only 7:16 of pp time. > > 11 The Isles have been shorthanded at least eleven times in > four games this season, including tonight. It hadn’t happen > previously since they were shorthanded thirteen times on March > 26, 2000 in Carolina. > > 2 in 5 Atlanta had scored only two goals in their first five > losses [shutout in three of the games] They are now 0-6 when > scoring 3-or-fewer. > > 2 Kovalchuk’s career goals and career assists vs. the Isles > in > twelve previous games. He had 2 goals in this game. > > 3 Scoring changes made during the 2nd intermission. Bobby > Holik was credited for the 2nd Atlanta goal, York and Zhitnik > had assists added. Regular scorer Jim Sullivan, who has been > at > the Coliseum since the very beginning, was not the scorer > tonight. > > 15 It’s the fifteenth season in Isles history that they’ve > earned at least ten points in the first nine games – they’ve > made the playoffs in every previous season. > > 4-6-1 The Isles improve to 4-6-1 on this date; they defeated > Pittsburgh 7-2 two years ago tonight; Sean Bergenheim scored > his > only NHL goal in that game. > > 5-16-81 Birthdate of Thrasher goalie Adam Berkhoel – he was > born > in St. Paul during the Stanley Cup Finals. The Isles defeated > the North Stars in five games for their second Cup. > > Out-of-town: > 8-0-0 -- Nashville, after pounding Chicago in Music City. > It’s > equal to the 2nd longest winning streak to start a season in > NHL > history. Toronto set the record – 10 – in 1993-94. > > 0-4-5 – Pittsburgh, after blowing a third period lead at home > and falling in OT. The Pens have a ways to go to reach the > Rangers’ NHL record – 15 – in 1943-44. Three teams have had > 11 > game streaks, including the 1995-96 Sharks. > > Up Next: > Isles-Rangers @ MSG. Thursday 7pm. The Isles will look to > beat > the Rangers three times in a calendar month for the first time > in their regular season history. Howie and Joe will have the > game on FSN-NY; John and Chris will cover it for Bloomberg > 1130. > The Isles can equal the club record of two wins in one season > at > MSG in their final visit to Broadway until April 11th. > > > > > Forever1940 is the nom de plume of Fox Sports Net statistician > Eric Hornick. > > He has served as the statistician on Islander home telecasts > since 1982 and has also worked the Stanley Cup Finals four > times. Often referred to on-air as an actuary, he is one of > 2,751 Fellows of the Casualty Actuarial Society and is the > Vice President of the Casualty Actuaries of Greater NY. > > You can find him in the "Best Seat in the House", about six > feet to Howie and Joe's left, at most Islander home games. > > For more on the actuarial profession, visit > www.beanactuary.org >

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

25 Years Ago Tonight: October 11, 1980

So where were you 25 years ago tonight?

Were you at the Coliseum? If so, you planned to see the raising of the First Cup banner.

Due to a strike by local 1921 of the carpenter union, the game was played without public address announcements or an organ. The crowd attempted to sing the national anthem a cappella.

The Isles beat the Bruins 5-2. The Cup banner was raised a week later before a 5-5 tie with Edmonton.

30 Years Ago Tonight -- October 11, 1975

So where were you thirty years ago tonight?

Were you at the Coliseum?

If so, you saw Bryan Trottier's home debut -- The Isles crushed LA 7-0 as Trotts scored three times and added two assists.

Were you home?

If so, you might have tuned into NBC, say at around 11:30. A new show debuted: Saturday Night Live. George Carlin hosted the premiere.

Satan's penalty shots

After a little digging -- that was Satan's 6th career penalty shot -- two short of Mario Lemieux's NHL record. [Mario has scored on six of his eight]

[Note that Satan had three penalty shots in the 1999-2000 season]

Scored on Damian Rhodes 10-9-99 Scored on Ken Wregget 12-28-99 Stopped by Kevin Weekes 3-4-00 [Weekes was an Islander then] Stopped by Patrick Lalime 11-3-01 Scored on Mike Dunham 2-15-03 Stopped by Roberto Luongo 10-10-05

Monday, October 10, 2005


DiPietro--FYI -- The 44 Carolina shots and his 42 saves Saturday are both NHL highs so far this season. Luongo -- It wasn't in Florida's game notes on Saturday but his shutout on Friday gave him 25, which is an NHL milestone award. The two goalies have faced each other three times -- all in the most recent season [03-04] 10/18/03 Isles 2, Florida 1 11/19/03 Isles 4, Florida 1 3/17/04 Florida 6, Isles 4 --Snow replaced DiPietro after two periods and was charged with loss