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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LIBN: Jacobs slams Murray's arrogance

Well-written piece by David Reich-Hale below....

Check out the piece about Murray's father.
Hmm.. $40/hour; 40 hours/week; 52 weeks/year = $83,200 on an annual basis.   You'd have to pass several actuarial exams to make those kinds of bucks.

Just for a laugh, I found another Town of Hempstead Clerical Aide (you'd be able to find her too on LinkedIn)

Here's her background
Clerical Aide - Town Attorney's Dept. at Town of Hempstead
Past: Financial Fellowship Intern at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
        Receptionist at Suite Management Inc.       
        Business Intern at Gunn Allen Financial

She is also currently a student at Bentley College.

Wonder if she's making $83k?

<<Jacobs slams Murray's "arrogance"
Tue, May 12, 2009
Nassau County Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs on Tuesday hammered Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray for not showing up at a scheduled high-level meeting yesterday to discuss the Lighthouse project.

Islanders owner Charles Wang, developer Scott Rechler and Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, among others, planned to meet with Murray, who later said she missed the meeting because of a scheduling snafu.

But local leaders weren't buying the excuse and a frustrated Suozzi said last night that "everyone showed except Murray. There is pattern that's emerging that makes it appear that Murray is stonewalling this project. The big question is why?"
Today it was Jacobs's turn to take on Murray.

"They think they own Hempstead and that nothing can stop them," Jacobs said. "They don't think they need to take care of their constituents or find time to show up at meetings. But they do find time to take care of friends and family. That's awful. It's a complete misuse of authority."

On Monday, Newsday reported that Hempstead hired Murray's 83-year-old father as a clerical aide at $40 per hour.

Town spokesman Michael Deery defended the move, telling the Melville daily that "the town actively seeks to recruit retired employees. Their institutional knowledge is invaluable and they're cost-effective alternatives to full-time staffing. All of our returnees are paid according to their skill level and talent."

But Jacobs said voters won't buy it.

"So what they're saying is no one else can do that job," Jacobs said. "It's so typical of how they do business. How arrogant."

Jacobs also said the Democrats would announce a candidate for the Hempstead supervisor's seat next week and that the challenger will be formidable. He noted Murray is now running in a town that has "more Democrats than Republicans. This is the first time that's happened."

Other political insiders, however, said it will still be a challenge to defeat Murray this year.

"I think that her act is wearing thin and a combo of changing demographics and economic anxiety will make her race in 2011 a real one," said one fiscally conservative source. "And why did she hire her father? Why?"

Another source with strong Democratic ties was more confident about a 2009 upset.

"But all bets are off if they pass the Lighthouse project before election day," he said. "That's a game changer."

A call to Deery wasn't immediately returned.>>

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