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Monday, November 07, 2005

More obscure penalty shot records

From last night's By the Numbers:

<<4 for 4 on penalty shots for Rick DiPietro, who previously stopped Nylander [2002], Cole [2004] and Stefan [October 25/05]

2 obscure club records tied by Rick DiPietro tonight: most penalty shots faced, season [also Hrudey in 1984-85 and Resch in 1977-78] and most penalty shot saves, season>>

[Resch stopped Don Murdoch of the Rangers in January 1978 and Ron Sedlbauer of Vancouver, in March 1978] --this corrects the shooters involved.

Some other penalty shot minutiae: DiPietro is the first Isles goalie to ever stop four consecutive penalty shots [he's 4-4 on his career] The two penalty shots vs. the Isles came in a 5-game, 11 day period. [They faced two in a 5 game, 13 day period in 1978.]

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