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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Isles +6, Rangers -7

At times last night, it seemed like the Coliseum crowd was
enjoying the Rangers score (they lost 9-2) as much as the
Islanders (6-0).

It's the 87th time in Islander history that they've won a game
by at least six goals [and the first time at home since an 8-2
drubbing of Boston in 1997].

Of those 87 wins, five have come against the Rangers (all at the

25-Oct-75 New York 7 1 W
3-Apr-76 New York 10 2 W
17-Dec-83 New York 7 1 W
17-Nov-84 New York 10 4 W
31-Oct-87 New York 8 2 W

Tonight marks the first time that the Islanders have ever won a
game by at least six goals and the Rangers have lost a game to a
different opponent by at least six goals on the same day.

[Ironically, the last time that the Isles won by six goals was
in October, 2003 in Buffalo; the Rangers lost 5-0 to Columbus
that night]

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