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Friday, October 19, 2007

Special "Special Teams"

(thru Thursday)

The Islanders' special teams are off to a terrific start.

The Isles currently rank third on the powerplay and tied for fourth on the penalty kill.

Add it together, and their percentage is 115.8 -- by far tops in the NHL.

(a percentage of 100 would mean that you were scoring pp goals at the same percentage that you were allowing pp goals - the Isles finished 99.9% last season)

New York Islanders25.890.0115.8
Columbus Blue Jackets20.092.6112.6
Boston Bruins28.681.8110.4
Philadelphia Flyers23.186.2109.3
Nashville Predators20.088.9108.9
St. Louis Blues16.791.7108.4
Detroit Red Wings23.884.4108.2
Ottawa Senators15.891.9107.7
Carolina Hurricanes26.580.6107.1
Vancouver Canucks25.781.3107.0
Montreal Canadiens25.079.3104.3
Pittsburgh Penguins24.180.0104.1
Florida Panthers19.484.2103.6
Dallas Stars18.884.8103.6
Colorado Avalanche17.286.2103.4
Buffalo Sabres21.981.0102.9
New York Rangers15.883.999.7
San Jose Sharks16.782.499.1
Los Angeles Kings22.076.298.2
Minnesota Wild4.590.094.5
Tampa Bay Lightning16.777.394.0
Anaheim Ducks13.280.493.6
Toronto Maple Leafs11.481.592.9
Chicago Blackhawks16.175.992.0
Calgary Flames20.070.790.7
New Jersey Devils21.169.090.1
Phoenix Coyotes14.375.089.3
Washington Capitals12.575.087.5
Edmonton Oilers3.781.585.2
Atlanta Thrashers12.170.582.6

Forever1940 is the nom de plume of FSN statistician Eric Hornick. Eric, who has worked the Stanley Cup Finals four times, celebrated his 25th anniversary as the statistician on Islander home telecasts on January 21, 2007. Often referred to on-air as an actuary, he is one of 2,920 Fellows of the Casualty Actuarial Society and is the President of the Casualty Actuaries of Greater NY. You can find him in the "Best Seat in the House", about six feet to Howie and Billy's left, at most Islander home games. For more on the actuarial profession, visit www.beanactuary.org

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