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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Stat Trick: Election Night

1. The Isles are 15-5-3 on Election night, including 5-1 on Presidential Election nights, having been idle in 1972 and 1996, and locked out in 2004.

2.  The Isles have won their last four Election Night games, including last season's 3-2 thriller over the Rangers at the Coliseum.

3.  While the Isles almost never open the season at home, they almost always play at home on Election night.  This is only their third election night road game (winning, along with Jimmy Carter,  in 1976 in Colorado and losing in 1992, along with George Bush 41 in Pittsburgh). 

4.  The Isles are 4-0 at home on Presidential Election nights and 1-1 on the road; the White House changed parties in both previous times the Isles played an Election night road game. 

5.  Republicans have been elected every time the Isles have played at home on Presidential Election Night; Democrats have won the two times that the Isles played on the road.

5.  The Isles have played the Rangers twice on election night, beating them by one goal in both 1988 and 2007.

The complete list:

05-Nov-74    Vs    Philadelphia    4    4    T
04-Nov-75    Vs    California    5    3    W
02-Nov-76    @    Colorado    5    1    W   ==  President Carter elected
07-Nov-78    Vs    Minnesota    5    2    W
06-Nov-79    Vs    Los Angeles    4    1    W
04-Nov-80    Vs    Detroit            6    4    W ==President Reagan elected
03-Nov-81    Vs    Calgary            2    2    T
02-Nov-82    Vs    Pittsburgh    1    3    L
08-Nov-83    Vs    Philadelphia    4    1    W
06-Nov-84    Vs    St. Louis    6    3    W ==President Reagan re-elected
05-Nov-85    Vs    Calgary            4    4    T
04-Nov-86    Vs    Washington    7    1    W
03-Nov-87    Vs    New Jersey    6    3    W
08-Nov-88    Vs    New York    4    3    W ==President Bush 41 elected
07-Nov-89    Vs    Washington    3    5    L
06-Nov-90    Vs    Toronto            4    3    W
03-Nov-92    @    Pittsburgh    0    2    L ==President Clinton elected
02-Nov-93    Vs    Vancouver    1    2    L
07-Nov-95    Vs    Vancouver    2    5    L
07-Nov-2000    Vs    Nashville    2    1    W ==President Bush 43 elected
06-Nov-2001    Vs    Tampa Bay    3    0    W
08-Nov-2005  Vs New Jersey  4 1 W
06-Nov-2007  Vs New York   3  2  W
04-Nov-2008  Vs New York

 Forever1940 is the nom de plume of Eric Hornick. Eric has worked the Stanley Cup Finals four times, and celebrated his 26th anniversary as the statistician on Islander home telecasts on January 21, 2008.

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