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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Isles on National TV

The NHL released their National TV schedule today.

Isles will appear on Versus twice:  10/13 in Washington and 2/2 in
Pittsburgh.  The 2/2 game is non-exlcusive in the NY-area so there will be a
local telecast.

Isles are listed once on NBC's schedule as well -- as an option on January 23rd
-- Looking at the list of games, I would say it's a pretty safe bet that it
won't be shown:

Sun. 1/23/2011 Florida New Jersey
Sun. 1/23/2011 Buffalo N.Y. Islanders
Sun. 1/23/2011 Philadelphia Chicago  <===  bet the house that this will be the
national game!

THe NHL Network US schedule has not been released.

For Canadian viewers 
Isles will appear on NHLN-CA  11/10 and 12/5
On CBC 2/5  --likely only in the Ottawa region
On TSN 10/27, 11/4 and 1/13
No TSN2 games are scheduled

RDS -- all 5 games vs Montreal
RIS -- 2/11 and 4/8
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