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Friday, May 13, 2011

Grabner cap hit

Published reports indicating that it is a 3 million cap hit per year (with salary of $1m-$2m-$3m-$4m-$5m). Katie confirmed those figures with the NHLPA.  http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/islanders/isles-files-1.812028/michael-grabner-signs-5-year-15-million-deal-with-islanders-1.2874746?showAll=true

To put his cap hit in perspective, the Flyers currently have 6 forwards, 5 defensemen (and, as brutally obvious in the playoffs, no goaltenders) who will carry cap hits over $3 million.  The Rangers have 7 players (one of whom is Wade Redden) with a $3 million+ cap hit while the Penguins and Devils each have 9 (NJ doesn't include RFA Zach Parise).

DiPietro, Streit, Tavares and Moulson are the other Isles with cap hits of at least $3 million for next year.
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