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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NHL Schedule to be Released

Apparently David Poile responded to a question today that the schedule will be released on Thursday (which is the same relative date that it was released last year).

Of course, it won't mean much if the League and its players do not agree on a new CBA.  Otherwise, it will be as useful as this:

2004-05 Islanders Schedule:
16-Oct-04 Vs Carolina
19-Oct-04 Vs Boston
20-Oct-04 @ New Jersey
23-Oct-04 @ Washington
26-Oct-04 Vs New Jersey
28-Oct-04 @ Boston
30-Oct-04 Vs Los Angeles
1-Nov-04 Vs Tampa Bay
3-Nov-04 @ Minnesota
4-Nov-04 @ St. Louis
6-Nov-04 Vs Florida
9-Nov-04 Vs Toronto
11-Nov-04 Vs Nashville
13-Nov-04 Vs Dallas
15-Nov-04 Vs New York
17-Nov-04 @ Philadelphia
19-Nov-04 @ Atlanta
20-Nov-04 @ Washington
22-Nov-04 @ New York
24-Nov-04 Vs Montreal
26-Nov-04 Vs Pittsburgh
27-Nov-04 Vs Philadelphia
30-Nov-04 Vs Ottawa
3-Dec-04 @ Buffalo
4-Dec-04 Vs Carolina
6-Dec-04 Vs Washington
10-Dec-04 @ Philadelphia
11-Dec-04 @ Pittsburgh
14-Dec-04 @ Toronto
17-Dec-04 @ New York
18-Dec-04 Vs Washington
21-Dec-04 @ Detroit
23-Dec-04 @ New Jersey
26-Dec-04 @ Ottawa
30-Dec-04 Vs Anaheim
31-Dec-04 @ Carolina
2-Jan-05 Vs Detroit
4-Jan-05 Vs Florida
6-Jan-05 Vs New Jersey
8-Jan-05 Vs Buffalo
11-Jan-05 Vs Colorado
14-Jan-05 @ Pittsburgh
15-Jan-05 Vs Phoenix
18-Jan-05 @ Toronto
20-Jan-05 @ Edmonton
21-Jan-05 @ Calgary
23-Jan-05 @ Vancouver
25-Jan-05 Vs New York
27-Jan-05 @ Buffalo
29-Jan-05 Vs Buffalo
1-Feb-05 Vs Philadelphia
3-Feb-05 Vs Ottawa
5-Feb-05 Vs Columbus
6-Feb-05 @ Montreal
9-Feb-05 @ Carolina
10-Feb-05 @ Tampa Bay
15-Feb-05 Vs Atlanta
17-Feb-05 @ Tampa Bay
19-Feb-05 @ Florida
21-Feb-05 Vs Pittsburgh
22-Feb-05 @ Montreal
24-Feb-05 Vs San Jose
26-Feb-05 @ New Jersey
28-Feb-05 @ Boston
4-Mar-05 @ Pittsburgh
5-Mar-05 Vs New York
7-Mar-05 Vs Atlanta
11-Mar-05 Vs Montreal
13-Mar-05 Vs Boston
15-Mar-05 @ Phoenix
17-Mar-05 @ Los Angeles
20-Mar-05 @ Chicago
22-Mar-05 Vs Tampa Bay
25-Mar-05 @ New York
26-Mar-05 Vs New Jersey
28-Mar-05 @ Philadelphia
29-Mar-05 Vs Pittsburgh
1-Apr-05 @ Florida
2-Apr-05 @ Atlanta
5-Apr-05 Vs Toronto
8-Apr-05 @ Ottawa
9-Apr-05 Vs Philadelphia

When I posted that in July 2005 I noted "Laviolette's back for Opening Night! Here's a look at this
year's schedule.  Opening Night is 93 days away...I hope."

Of course, none of those games were ever played.
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