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It was 36 years ago tonight...

36 Years Ago Tonight.... It was January 21, 1982 .  It feels like yesterday. That Thursday night the Isles swamped Pittsburgh 6-...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Has it been 20 years

This season marks the 20th anniversary of a memorable 1992-93 season, not only for the Isles but throughout the NHL.

It's told in a soon-to-be-released book  "A Season in Time: Super Mario, Killer, St. Patrick, the Great One, and the Unforgettable 1992-93 NHL Season"
Details here:  http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Season-Time-Super-Mario-Killer-Todd-Denault/9781118118337-item.html?
Forever1940 is the nom de plume of Eric Hornick, statistician on Islander home telecasts since January 21, 1982. Visit my blog: NYISkinny.com and follow me on Twitter @ehornick

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