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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Following Mr. Marginal

About a year ago,an ESPN contributor named Neil Greenberg raised quite a stir around these parts when he failed to named John Tavares to his "Top 25 under 25" list.

Howie picked up on it, and noted: "You could make the case that John Tavares is among the best 25 players in the league, period, never mind under 25 years of age."   It helped that Tavares would then go score both goals in the game, including the overtime winner, earning him the tag "Mr. Marginal".   (You can enjoy Howie's rant here: http://islanderspointblank.com/news/video-howie-rose-trolls-neil-greenberg-for-not-including-john-tavares-in-top-25-list/ )

As the lockout drags on and on....apparently Neil has taken to being Tavares' social director, retweeting the following:

Funny, my ex gf is at the Spengler Cup cause she's now dating John Tavares

Mr. Tavares' current girlfriend's former boyfriend is a collegiate golfer in Canada.

Somehow Canada lost their Spengler Cup opener today, 2-1 to a German club team (Adler Mannheim) on an OT goal by locked-out Jason Pominville. apparently the poultation of
Pominville continues to grow --even in the lockout (classic clip : www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmB-_XK5i1Q )   Tyler Seguin had Canada's only goal.
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