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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prospective Isles co-owners Ledecky and Malkin go back....way back.

Check out this profile on Ledecky from The (Harvard) Crimson:

Philanthropist Makes Fortune on 'Rollup' Concept |News |...
The principles of economics were too much for Jonathan J. Ledecky '79 to handle his first year at Harvard: he had to withdraw from Ec10 after failing a first-semest...
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Contains this:

"In his 25th reunion class report, Ledecky relates how he first became interested in philanthropy. The grandfather of Scott D. Malkin '80, Ledecky's upperclass roommate, told Ledecky as a first-year that he wished he had given away his money earlier, so he could see the fruits of his philanthropy. Ledecky writes that he has taken that advice to heart.
Giving away his money, Ledecky says, "is God's work in a way for me. I think I went through a lot of good stuff, a lot of bad stuff. This last time through I really kind of found myself."

Ledecky, who is single and has no family, has embraced his communities instead.

"The time that I have free, because I don't have a family, I try to spend in the community," he says. "The New York and Washington communities have become family."
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