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Thursday, September 04, 2014

ex- Isles DiPietro's new gig?

Newsday's Neil Best with a story on Rick DiPietro and his venture into talk radio with former Islander beat writer and now MSG-TV./ESPN-radio personality Alan Hahn.

Short version -- he likes the pairing.  A lot.


DiPietro says "What's most touching to me is the response I've gotten on Twitter," he said. "This is kind of a weird part of my life here, where I'm trying to make a decision about where I go, and part of me was nervous coming on the radio that I was going to get killed from everyone. It's been the complete opposite. It's been love and well wishes.

"I get Rangers fans who are like, 'I hated you when you played for the Islanders. But I have to be honest, I love listening to you on the radio.' That's really what I wanted at the end of the day."

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