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Saturday, April 07, 2018

The Skinny on the Draft Lottery (Saturday 6pm update)

Lottery Update
In addition to their own picks, the Isles own Calgary's first two picks in the upcoming entry draft.  

With the Rangers' loss, the Isles are guaranteed to finish ahead of the Rangers for the first time since 2003-04.

The Isles currently hold the 10th pick and 12th pick heading into the upcoming draft lottery, giving them a 6% chance of winning the lottery.

The Isles will have somewhere between the 8th seed and 10th seed based on their finish and either the 11th or 12th seed, based on Calgary's finish.

The combined percentages mean that the Isles will have somewhere between a 6% and 9% chance of winning the lottery.

Percentage chances by seed:

8th: 6%
9th: 5%
10th: 3.5%
11th: 3.0%
12th: 2.5%

If the Isles earn a point tonight, they will be locked into the 10th seed.
If Calgary earns a point tonight (or Carolina loses in any fashion), the pick they are sending to the Isles will be 12th.

Tonight's games:
Isles at Detroit
Chicago at Winnipeg
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Vancouver at Edmonton
Vegas at Calgary

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