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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Remembering Jean Potvin

Eight years ago I had a chance to tell this story on the occasion of Jean's 65th birthday.  He passed away today, just ten days shy of his 73rd birthday.

His memory will always be for a blessing.  May he Rest in Peace.

My parade ride

I don't get to tell this story all that often, so here goes...

I went to the Islanders Cup parades in 1980 and 1981 as a spectator, but by 1982 this high school senior was working on Islander telecasts.  So on the day of the parade I was able to get into the assembly area at the Coliseum to say hello to some friends and take some pictures close to the guys who had just won their third straight Cup.

As the parade was ready to get started, a man grabbed my arm and pulled me into one of the pickups that was being used for the parade so as an 18-year-old I rode down Hempstead Turnpike, waving to the crowd, and into Carltun on the Park for the ceremony.

The man who grabbed me was Cup Winner turned radio announcer Jean Potvin, and he turns 65 today.  Happy birthday Jean!

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