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Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Stat Trick will have to wait until Friday evening, but I'll share the first tidbit of 2010.
The  Islanders are in the midst of their 37th season.  In that time they've earned at least one point on every day on the calendar from October 3rd to April 18. Every day but three, that is.
The Isles have never played on December 24th or 25th, per NHL labor negotiations. They've played seven times on New Years Day---and lost them all:
1-Jan-77 Vs Vancouver 1 5 L
1-Jan-83 @ Pittsburgh 1 2 L
1-Jan-92 @ Washington 5 8 L
1-Jan-94 Vs Hartford 3 4 L
1-Jan-02 @ Washington 2 3 L
1-Jan-04 @ Ottawa 0 1 L
1-Jan-07 @ Buffalo 1 3 L
Happy New Year!

Forever1940 is the nom de plume of Eric Hornick, statistician on Islander home telecasts since 1982. Visit my blog: forever1940.blogspot.com and follow me on Twitter @ehornick

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