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Friday, October 08, 2010

Young Mr. Nino

This one took some digging, but tomorrow Nino Niederreiter will become the 5th
youngest player to participate in an NHL game since the start of the 1987-88

Patrick Marleau -- SJ -- 18 yrs, 16 days  (10-1-1997)
Martin Lapointe -- DET -- 18 yrs, 23 days  (10-5-1991)
Jordan Staal    ---  PIT --18 yrs, 25 days (10-5-2006)
Chris Joseph  --  PIT --18 yrs, 28 days (10-8-1987)
Nino Niederreiter -- NYI --18 yrs, 31 days  (10-9-2010) EXPECTED

No goalie in that period was younger than Niederreiter.

(Lapointe played just one game, was sent back to Jr. and made only 3 other NHL
appearances that season.  He didn't become a regular with the Red Wings until
1995.  Joseph also spent time in Jr in 1987-88.  Marleau and Staal both stuck
with their teams.)
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