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Friday, April 01, 2011

Power Play Personnel -- March 15 flashback

Per Katie's blog today:

<I asked Jack Capuano after the game if Rangers coach John Tortorella said
anything or indicated that he was unhappy with the personnel Capuano elected to
use on the power-play late in the third.
"Yeah, and I don't blame him," Capuano said, considering the circumstances.>>
The incident occurred with 3:09 to play in the third period and the Islanders
holding a 6-1 lead.

Funny-- I remember something similar...oh...16 days earlier.

With the Rangers leading the Isles 6-3 on March 15, and only 2:10 to play in the
third, the Rangers were awarded a power play when 5 players were issued roughing

Who did they send out? Gaborik, Prospal, Callahan, McCabe and Staal.
Who played the second half of the power play? Christensen, Stepan, Zuccarrello,
Girardi and McDonough.

Those 10 players were the only players with significant power play time in that
game -- a game in which the Rangers had 3 goals and 16 shots while on the power
play. Hmmm.


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TheMetalChick said...

I wish Fonzie would take a look at this.