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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mangano Tweeting Up a Storm

The County Executive sent out about 20 tweets in a very short time -- they're all reproduced below. I've added ===>  in front of a few of interest

@ltsunis Again, that is something we will have to deal with when we come to it.

@cjm427 The people have spoken. They want it privately funded. I can't force companies to build something

===> @cjm427 If no one comes forward and wants to build a coliseum and keep the Islanders here there is nothing else I can do.

@cjm427 The people of Nassau are first and foremost. They always have been and always will be.

===> @eddevil24 I can't really speak for what the Islanders will or will not do. I'm sorry

===> @nyifancentral This is not a RFP request. We just want ideas submitted so we can create the RFP. The 12th is a loose deadline

@HockeyRanter I understand and that is why we want all proposals. The day of the critic is over. You are either helping or your not.

@cjm427 They were not a pawn but they aren't everything. We lose not only them but the $ that building generates. We need to make that money

===> @cjm427 The critics have said for weeks that the whole project could be privately financed. Now is the time for them to come forward

@cjm427 If I demand a coliseum and no proposals come forward at all we're is no better shape. It's time to move forward

@EFMathieu Thank you for your confidence

===> @eddevil24 A new arena is something I prefer but, no, it is not a must.

===> @cjm427 Its up to the people who make the proposals. If anyone proposes a privately financed arena we will listen. I want the Islanders here

@The_Resonator I am calling on everyone who said that they have a private sector solution for the Hub to come forward as soon as possible

===> @BM_Dubbs @jayjacobs28 I am will to sit hear any proposal. If someone has a private sector solution, they need to bring it forward now

===> @cjm427 I want the Islanders to stay. Critics claim that there are privately financed solutions. Now is the time for them to bring them

@HockeyRanter Believe me, that is the last thing we want. However, we need to redevelop this land so we will be entertaining all proposals

===> @bigwaltdiesel I personally want to see an arena built and the Islanders kept but we are not requiring that, no

===> The day of the critic is over. We are now accepting all proposals for a privately funded hub redevelopment plan yfrog.com/gyq4cxufj

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