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Monday, January 23, 2012

Moulson and Tavares

I've been writing about Moulson and Tavares all season, and this current note has been regularly featured in The Skinny:

"Friends, Friends, Friends
Moulson has 22 goals this season; John Tavares has earned assists on 15 of them.  He has now been on-ice for 46 consecutive Moulson goals, earning assists on 31 of them, dating back to a Moulson goal on November 17, 2010 against Tampa. "

Thus, this stat caught me by surprise:

Matt Moulson leads the team in +/- at +11
John Tavares is tied for 2nd at +2

The difference is on the minus side of the ledger.  Moulson has been on ice for 39  Isles (non-PP) goals and only 28 opponents (non-PP) goals;
Tavares had been on-ice for 41 Isles (non-pp) goals and 39 opponents (non-PP) goals.

Nielsen and Grabner were both +13 last season -- the only two Islanders in the past four seasons with at least a +10 rating.

UPDATE:  Keith from Lighthouse Hockey (@KeithLHHockey) raised an interesting point -- how do all the EN goals the Isle have allowed (particularly early this season) affect these numbers?

To be fair, I looked at both the 5 ENG's the Isles have scored as well as the 10 that they have allowed. 

Matt Moulson has been on for 2 ENG for and 5 against, for net of -3. (If you ignore ENs, he'd be +14)
John Tavares has been on for 3 ENG for and 7 against, for net of -4.  (if you ignore ENs, he'd be +6)

Tavares was not on for EN goals allowed to Pittsburgh, Winnipeg and Vancouver -- all of those goals were scored with at least two minutes remaining in the game.
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