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Friday, February 10, 2012

Dewey Beats Truman! ...and Mark Streit Scores Isles 10,000th Goal

Throughout the season I have been tracking the Islanders' pursuit of their 10,000th goal.

Unfortunately, as I learned late this morning, I've been two goals off.  The difference was due to a typo made in October and carried forward through the season -- shootout goals don't count towards the 10,000 and I had noted 39 shootout winners at the start of the season and 43 today.  The correct figure as of today is 41 shootout winners.

That means that Mark Streit's late goal last night was not the 9,998th -- it was indeed the 10,000th goal in Islander history.

My apologies to bringing an anti-climactic end to the chase -- and thanks to Elias for getting it right.

Islander milestone goals:

     1: Ed Westfall vs Atlanta 10/7/1972
1000: Bert Marshall vs Pittsburgh 12/2/1975 1976

2500: Denis Potvin @ Chicago 3/22/1981
5000: Brad Lauer vs Hartford 2/4/1989
7500: Mike Watt at New Jersey 4/12/1999
9000: Miroslav Satan at Washington 3/3/2007
10,000: MARK STREIT vs Montreal 2/9/2012
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