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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rolston: I didn't play a lot (Updated)

Few blog posts that I have done have resulted in more fan response than the one I posted with Rolston's comments to the Boston Herald.  (which is repeated below)

One interesting follow-up.  Rolston played 8:21 in last night's Bruins game.  It is the least amount of ice time he has had in ANY game since ice-time has been reported (late 90's) excluding two games in which he was injured and ended up missing substantial (a week or two) time.

Original post:

From the Boston Herald:

<<"When I got into Long Island, they had a good group of young core players. I don't think I fit into their plans as well as I thought I was going to," he said. "It's been a tough year for the Islanders for sure. As far as producing for me, I didn't really play a lot, so it was kind of hard to produce, but I do feel like I have a lot left to offer.">>

Funny, when I look at the stats I see Rolston 6th in power play time on the team (and if we looked at the first half of the season it would have been higher).
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Anonymous said...

Im not really too sure how much more playing time he expected. I mean, he doesn't think he deserves top 6 minutes, does he?

Anonymous said...

Lol he can't be serious he got WAY to much ice time I still can't believe snow was able to get rid of him.

Jeff said...

I know I missed alot of games in December due to my job but the games I have watched this year I have not seen Rolston win any one on One battles for the puck, not once. To me his compete level is gone and he plays for the cheque.

Aaron said...

That trade to the Bruins was a wonderful case of addition by subtraction!! Not sure who I was happier to see leave, Rolston or Mottau. Both were awful. If I had to choose, Mottau was more awful than Rolston, who at least generated some chances. Even if he was too useless to finish.

WhereHaveYouGone, BobbyNY? said...

Wow, that's bad. Excuses excuses. I bet you play much less in Beantown.