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Friday, September 21, 2012

Devellano: Players are cattle!

believe it or not...that's what the Red WIngs Senior Vice President said.


Here's the complete quote:
""It's very complicated and way too much for the average Joe to understand, but having said that, I will tell you this: The owners can basically be viewed as the Ranch, and the players, and me included, are the cattle. The owners own the Ranch and allow the players to eat there. That's the way its always been and that the way it will be forever. And the owners simply aren't going to let a union push them around. It's not going to happen.""

Devellano, a 2009 Lester Patrick Award winner,  goes on to recommend a reversal in the 57/43 split. "Let the players take 43% and let the owners take 57%".

The interview was conducted by Scott Harrigan -- the founder and President of Island Sports News; the Island in this case is Vancouver Island (which is where Victoria BC is located).
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1 comment:

Nuekh1128- said...

So since the players don't deserve any reward let's just fire them all. Owners get 100% of the income. Duh.