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Road to the Cup - May 24, 1980 -- Isles 5, Philadelphia 4 (OT) (Isles win best-of-7 series AND STANLEY CUP 4-2)

40 Years Ago Today By Eric Hornick Game 6 Isles 5,  Philadelphia 4 The Stanley Cup is ours!   Bob Nystrom converted a pass from John Tonelli...

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Thanks so much for visiting The Skinny this season.  March and April were the blog's biggest months ever!

I'll have stuff throughout the off-season (which thankfully will be the shortest for the Islanders in 20 years!) and then we'll do it all over next year.

Special thanks to those who take the time to comment or question -- your input is always appreciated.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs and have a great summer!



Unknown said...

Thanks for all the posts all season, was always my first stop the morning after islander games.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed your facts. Thanks alot for everything.