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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Torts fired; Cappy moving up the list

With the Rangers firing John Tortorella today, Jack Capuano is now the 9th longest-tenured (single team) coach in the NHL.
  1. Nashville Predators  Barry Trotz  1997            1114
  2. Detroit Red Wings  Mike Babcock  2005           622
  3. Boston Bruins  Claude Julien  2007                  456
  4. San Jose Sharks  Todd McLellan  2008             376
  5. Chicago Blackhawks  Joel Quenneville  2008    352
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins  Dan Bylsma  2009           318
  7. Phoenix Coyotes  Dave Tippett  2009              294
  8. Philadelphia Flyers  Peter Laviolette  2009       269
  9. New York Islanders  Jack Capuano  2010         195
Interestingly, only five of the eight longer-tenured than Capuano made the playoff this season; three of those five will make the conference finals this season.
Capuano is now also the longest tenured coach of the five winter teams based in New York.

Of the nine New York head coaches/managers, only Tom Coughlin, Rex Ryan and Joe Girardi have longer tenures than Jack Capuano, who assumed his role with the Islanders eight days before Terrry Collins became the manager of the Mets.

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