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Friday, November 06, 2015

Long Island - Aspiring to be Minor League.. Check.

With today's formal announcement of the Long Island Nets, part of what Howie Rose cautioned about has arrived.

I don't have great video on this, but this is from an Islander game in late March, 2014.  I remember it like I was sitting next to him, which of course I was. 

For what it's worth, the teams currently in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the NBA D-League are:
Delaware 87ers  
Erie BayHawks  
Maine Red Claws  
Raptors 905  
Westchester Knicks  

So instead of Isles- Flyers, welcome to LI Nets- Delaware 87ers!
Instead of Isles- Penguins, how about LI Nets- Erie BayHawks. 
Instead of Isles - Bruins, it's LI Nets - Maine Red Claws
Instead of Isles - Maple Leafs, it's LI Nets - Raptors 905
and in the one that hurts, the most:
Instead of Isles- Rangers, it's LI Nets - Westchester Knicks.

Of course, tickets will be a lot less expensive than NHL tickets so Nassau County taxpayers (including me) can pick up the difference in sales tax.  Maybe Kate Murray can be the first season ticketholder -- I hear she'll have some extra time on her hands.


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