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Friday, February 06, 2009

Stat Trick Special: Dallas 10, Rangers 2

So I'm watching the end of the Rangers' beating tonight and thinking -- it's good enough for a trick.

1.  The Rangers allowed 10 goals for the first time since April 9, 1993.  That game, a 10-4 defeat to Pittsburgh, featured 5 goals by Mario Lemieux as the Penguins broke the Isles' NHL record with their 16th straight win.

2.  The Isles last allowed 10 goals in an 11-4 loss in Calgary on February 25, 1981.  They have played 2,148 regular season games since then.

3.  The Rangers allowed 10 goals for the first time since April 9, 1993.  :)  Headline in Bergen Record that morning:  "Rangers coach approaching end of the line".  In that case, it was Ron Smith.  Tom Renney may soon find himself in similar hot water.

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