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Friday, January 07, 2011

Chris Peters on Brock Nelson

Chris Peters, former communications coordinator for USA Hockey, has a website
now called the United States of Hockey. http://unitedstatesofhockey.com/

Today, he reviewed the play of US forwards at the World Jrs. Here's his review
of Brock Nelson (Isles 1st pick in 2010)

<<Brock Nelson — 5 GP, 0-1–1, 0 PIM, -1 — I thought Nelson was going to battle
for a spot in camp coming into this tournament. Since he had such a great camp,
it really wasn't much of a battle. Then the tournament started. He got hurt in
the first game, missing Team USA's second contest. The next game back, against
Germany, he was very good. That was probably his best game. After that, he kind
of went away, save for a few flashes in later games. I don't know the extent of
Nelson's injury, but he never seemed the same as he did in camp or in the
Finland game. Nelson has speed and skill, but he's got a lot of strength to
build. I think he was out-muscled in a variety of ways and was the subject of
several big hits. He's so tall, but thin. His wiry frame seems to allow him to
get those legs going and his hands are very good. The great thing for Nelson is
that he is at the University of North Dakota in a program that has developed
plenty of pro talent. He's a perfect guy for that program. There's no doubt
he's going to continue to build strength and be a factor. We'll see how much
strength he builds along the way, and I'd anticipate four full years at North
Dakota will allow him to be ready for the pro game. With his tremendous upside,
and room to grow, the Islanders have a solid prospect to watch out for.

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