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The Skinny on the Wild Card Race (thru games of 3/23) Thursday's results:  TOR 6 at FLA 2                                    PIT 2 at DA...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Osgood quote

Ira Podell's AP story, which reference the same writer in Detroit who put out
the inflammatory Osgood quote, now has Ozzy quoted as follows:

"I thought he would've been a good pickup for us if he came here — even though
it could've affected me," Osgood said. "I think it was a great pickup for the
Islanders. They have Ricky [DiPietro] and some good, young goalies. I would
imagine there were five or six other teams that would've wanted him, too. I
didn't think he'd end up here, but it was a good move that Kenny [Holland] made
because it would've made us better.
"I'm surprised he wasn't in the league this year because he is a great goalie."

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