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Friday, April 27, 2012

New major arena draws closer .... in suburban Toronto

I tweeted about this last night during the OT intermission but here's a Toronto Sun story on the 20,000 seat arena that has moved closer to fruition in Markham, Ontario (about 25 miles Northeast of the city).


From the article:

<<One of the big draws for the complex would be a second National Hockey League team for the GTA, but Roustan, CEO of GTA Sports & Entertainment, and Bratty, head of the Remington Group of developers, insisted their plans do not rely on landing a second franchise.
The developers said Live Nation, a partner in the project, will book events that are expected to attract 780,000 annual paying visitors.>>

Meanwhile in Nassau County, we have this town councilman suggesting the Coliseum project should be done the way Fenway Park was built -- 100 years ago (which some might argue is actually a bit progressive for Nassau.)


123 home games remain.

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