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Friday, April 27, 2012

Rechler: Nassau County Employer of the Month

In an amusing (extraordinarily minor) twist to the Coliseum saga,  Rechler Equity Partners LLC has been named Nassau County Employer of the Month.

You may recall that Scott Rechler partnered with Charles Wang in the ill-fated Lighthouse Project; however, Scott does not have any involvement in this company (Rechler Equity Partners LLC)

Read the county press release here:

...and laugh along to yourself while I read these paragraphs aloud:

<<This building is a symbol of the progress my administration, our Economic Development Department and the Nassau IDA are making in re-invigorating Nassau County's economy and adding new jobs. We must bring companies like Rechler Equity to Nassau County, because so many jobs have been lost as a result of the stagnant economy."

Rechler's new headquarters replaced an obsolete, vacant industrial building that the Rechler's constructed 53 years ago. The $7.7 million project brought 28 full-time well-paying to Nassau County, created 100 full-time equivalent construction jobs, and is expected to provide $11 million in economic benefits to the County. The Rechler Equity bond deal was the first action undertaken by a reconstituted IDA after the county executive took office.>>

Hmmm.. obsolete building constructed a long time ago... sound familiar?  28 jobs - nice, but not compared to how many the County will lose if the Coliseum is the shuttered.

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