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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Skinny on the Metro Playoff Race - Isles Magic Number falls to 10!

It was another rough night for the Isles on the ice but they got a bit of help from Tampa (who beat Carolina),  Nashville (who got a late goal to force OT, although they lost in a shootout to Pittsburgh), and Edmonton (who beat Columbus).

Montreal took over the 2nd wild card, passing Columbus, while the Flyers beat Chicago to stay within shouting distance.

Columbus' loss not only dropped them out of a playoff spot, it dropped the Isles' magic number for clinching a playoff spot to 10.

The standings through Thursday's games looks like this:

Metro Playoff Watch
1. Caps 94 points/74 games/39 ROW (Friday vs. Minnesota, Sunday vs. Philadelphia)
2. Isles 91 points/74 games/38 ROW (Saturday at Philadelphia, Sunday vs. Arizona)
3. Penguins 91 points/75 games/38 ROW (Saturday at Dallas, Monday at Rangers)
4. Hurricanes 87 points/73 games/38 ROW (Saturday vs. Minnesota, Sunday vs Montreal)
5. Blue Jackets 84 points/74 games/39 ROW (Sunday at Vancouver, Tuesday vs. Isles)
6. Flyers 80 points/74 games/34 ROW (Saturday vs. Isles, Sunday at Washington)

Also in Wild Card Race
Canadiens 85 points/74 games/37 ROW (Saturday vs. Buffalo, Sunday at Carolina)

Magic Numbers:
The Isles' Magic Number to clinch a playoff spot is 10.  It could go as low as 8 (with a win of any type) on Thursday.
Goal Differential
With the Isles losing by four goals tonight, the Isles now have a +24 goal differential to Washington’s +25. It is this tie-breaker that had the Isles in first place in the Metro Division entering play on Tuesday but the Isles now not only trail Washington by three points, they also trail in the tiebreaker.   Pittsburgh now has a +29 differential; for the Isles to remain in second place following their afternoon game on Saturday, they must earn at least a point.  Otherwise they will trail the Penguins by the goal differential tie-breaker.

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