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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Elias (and more) on last night's Islander loss

<<Canes, Isles score in different ways
From Elias: The Hurricanes beat the Islanders, 6-4, on Monday night in a game in which Carolina scored all of its goals at even strength and the Islanders tallied all of their goals on power plays. It was only the third NHL game in the last 27 seasons in which each team scored at least four goals, with one team scoring exclusively at even strength and the other team doing so solely on power plays. The other instances since 1985 were the Rangers' 6-4 victory over the Nordiques on Oct. 13, 1993 (six PPGs by the Rangers) and the 4-4 tie between the Kings and Blues on Oct. 11, 2000. In the latter game the Kings held a 4-0 lead at the end of the second period via four power play goals, but St. Louis earned a tie by scoring four even-strength goals in the third period.>>

We noted on-air, and in The Skinny, that last night was the Isles first loss in a game they scored 4 PP goals since October 14, 1978 in Toronto (the Isles lost that game 10-7 in the first meeting of the teams following the 1978 playoffs).  NHL.com (Brian Compton) later noted that this was the only other instance of the Isles scoring 4 power play goals and losing.

This means that home game #1567 is the first time in club history the Isles have ever scored 4 PP goals on home ice in a losing cause.  With 18 home games remaining this season, there are exactly 100 regular season games remaining on the Coliseum lease.

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