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The Skinny: Isles 5, Pittsburgh 4

"The Skinny" By Eric Hornick Game 82 Isles 5, Pittsburgh 4    On to the Playoffs! Simon Holmstrom scored the winning goal with 5:3...

Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Skinny on The Wild Card Race (thru games on 3/23)

The Skinny on the Wild Card Race (thru games of 3/23)

Thursday's results:  TOR 6 at FLA 2
                                   PIT 2 at DAL 3
                                   CHI 1 at WAS 6
                                    TB 2 at OTT 7
                                    STL 4 at DET 3

It was a great off-night for the Isles as Pittsburgh and Florida both lost in regulation.

The Wild Card Race

1. Isles 82 points in 72 games (Friday @ Columbus)
2. Pittsburgh 80 points in 72 games (Saturday vs. Washington)
3. Florida 79 points in 72 games (Saturday vs NY Rangers)
4. Washington 76 points in 73 games (Saturday @ Pittsburgh)
5. Ottawa 75 points in 72 games (Saturday @ New Jersey)
6. Buffalo 72 points in 70 games (Friday vs. New Jersey)
7. Detroit 71 points in 71 games (Saturday at Philadelphia)

Isn't it Magic?
Pittsburgh can reach 100 points if they win their last ten games while Florida can reach 99 if they win their final 10.  That makes the Isles' Magic number 18 over Florida and 19 over Pittsburgh. 

Islander clinching numbers vs. other East Conference teams:  CBJ (Eliminated), MTL (Eliminated), PHL (7), DET (12), BUF (15), OTT (14), WAS (13)

With Montreal's loss in Boston tonight, the Isles have clinched at least 14th place in the East.  They will clinch a playoff spot by guaranteeing a finish above eight other Eastern Conference teams, and will clinch the top wild card if they guarantee themselves a finish above nine other teams.

The Isles will be in the top Wild Card after Thursday's late game, regardless of Pittsburgh's result in Dallas.  While the Penguins can match the Islanders' 82 points in 72 games, the Isles hold the Regulation Win tie-breaker over every team in the Wild Card chase.   Florida (31 RWs) is the only team close to the Isles (32 RWs); nobody else has more than 27 (Ottawa).

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