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Friday, March 31, 2023

The Skinny on the Wild Card Race (thru games of Friday, March 31st)

Friday's results:  NYR 2 at BUF 3 (OT),   Winnipeg beat Detroit 6-2

The Wild Card Race

1. Isles 87 points (33 regulation wins) in 76 games (Saturday at Tampa Bay, Sunday at Carolina)

2. Pittsburgh 84 points (28 RWs) in 75 games (Saturday vs Boston, Sunday vs. Philadelphia)

3. Florida 83 points (32 RWs) in 76 games (Saturday at Columbus, Tuesday vs. Buffalo)

4. Buffalo 79 points (27 RWs) in 74 games (Saturday at Philadelphia, Tuesday at Florida)

5. Ottawa 79 points (29 RWs) in 75 games (Saturday vs Toronto, Sunday at Columbus, Tuesday at Carolina)

6. Washington 77 points (26 RWs) in 76 games (Sunday vs Rangers)

Isn't it Magic?

Pittsburgh can reach 98 points if they win their last seven games while Florida can reach 95 if they win their final six games and Buffalo can do so if they win their final eight.  That makes the Isles' Magic number 9 over Florida and Buffalo and 12 over Pittsburgh.  

Islander clinching numbers vs. other East Conference teams:  PHL (1), DET (2), WAS (2), OTT (7), BUF (9).

The Isles have clinched at least 14th place in the East, as CBJ and MTL cannot catch the Isles.  With one more win, they will clinch at least 11th in the East.  They will clinch a playoff spot by guaranteeing a finish above eight other Eastern Conference teams, and they will clinch the top wild card if they guarantee themselves a finish above nine other teams.

 Saturday's Scenarios

The Isles can clinch at least 11th place with a victory.  They can lower their magic number for clinching a playoff spot to as low as 5, with a victory in Tampa Bay and regulation losses by both Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

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