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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kerry Fraser on Aucoin's disputed goal

Surprisingly, he agrees with the NHL:

<<"Distinct kicking motion" consistently appears in the wording of Rule 49 and creates a clear visual image in our minds as to the action that would negate the scoring of a goal. The wording that follows distinct kicking motion, "to propel the puck into the net" is often lost in our minds eye on this play. The men in the situation room take into account all aspects of the attacking player's actions, including if a skate in motion was turned unnaturally and distinctly utilized to propel the puck into the net. This determination includes whether a normal stopping motion was utilized by a player.
Through video review it was correctly determined that Keith Aucoin approached the rebounded puck at the crease and turned his right skate to make contact with the puck thereby propelling it into the net even though that right skate threw some snow in a forward stopping motion. This is supported by the fact that Aucoin's left skate continued in a path on a different angle toward the goal and not in a stopping motion. (Please don't suggest Aucoin was attempting a one-legged stop!)  The reverse angle more clearly demonstrates that Aucoin distinctly moved his right skate with deliberation to contact the puck more than just to make a natural stop. I fully concur with the decision in the War Room to disallow this goal based on the evidence. Go to NHL.com Situation Room blog to look for yourself.


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