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Monday, April 04, 2016

The Skinny on the Playoff Race: Solid Effort vs. Tampa Bay Lowers Magic Number to 2

The Isles rebounded from a one-sided loss to Pittsburgh on Saturday with a one-sided win of their own, defeating Tampa Bay 5-2.  The win cuts the Isles' magic number to two, meaning they can clinch a playoff spot on Tuesday.

Elsewhere the Rangers clinched a playoff spot with 4-2 win over Columbus.  It's the sixth straight season that the Rangers have made the dance and the 10th time in the 11 years of the Henrik Lundqvist era.
(Through games on April 4)
Metropolitan Division Standings (Top 5)
xy Washington 55-17-6=116 points / 78 games (51 ROW) Idle
x Pittsburgh     46-25-8=100 points / 79 games (42 ROW) Idle
NY Rangers     44-26-9=97 points / 79 games (41 ROW) Beat Columbus 4-2
ISLES              43-26-9=95 points / 78 games (38 ROW) Beat Tampa Bay 5-2
Philadelphia     39-26-13=91 points/ 78 games (36 ROW) Idle

Atlantic Teams in Wild Card Race
Detroit             40-28-11=91 points/ 79 games (38 ROW) Idle
Boston             41-30-8=90 points/ 79 games (37 ROW) Idle
x Clinched Playoff Spot
y Clinched Division Title, Conference Title and President's Trophy

Best They Can Do (By Winning Every Game in Regulation or Overtime)
Pittsburgh      106 points/ 45 ROW
NY Rangers   103 points/ 44 ROW
ISLES             103 points/ 42 ROW
Philadelphia    99 points/ 40 ROW
Detroit             97 points/41 ROW
Boston            96 points/40 ROW

Remaining Schedule:
  • Washington:  4/5 vs. ISLES, 4/7 vs. Pittsburgh, 4/9 at St. Louis, 4/10 vs. Anaheim
  • Pittsburgh: 4/5 @ Ottawa, 4/7 @ Washington, 4/9 @ Philadelphia
  • NY Rangers: 4/5 vs. Tampa Bay, 4/7 vs. ISLES, 4/9 vs. Detroit    
  • ISLES: 4/5 @ Washington, 4/7 @ NY Rangers, 4/9 vs. Buffalo, 4/10 vs. Philadelphia
  • Philadelphia: 4/6 at Detroit, 4/7 vs. Toronto, 4/9 vs Pittsburgh, 4/10 @ ISLES
  • Detroit:  4/6 vs. Philadelphia, 4/7 at Boston, 4/9 @ NY Rangers
  • Boston: 4/5 vs. Carolina, 4/7 vs. Detroit, 4/9 vs Ottawa
On Their Own
If the Isles go 1-3-0 they will clinch a playoff spot regardless of what everyone else does.
If the Isles win their last four, they will finish no lower than third regardless of what everyone else does.

Magic Number
The Isles' magic number is clinch a playoff berth is 2 over Boston, 3 over Detroit and 5 over Philadelphia.  Any combination of Islander points gained and Bruins points lost totaling 2 will guarantee that the Isles finish ahead of Boston.

The Isles have clinched at least a 9th place finish in the East.  The Isles also need to finish ahead of Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, the Rangers OR Pittsburgh in order to clinch a playoff berth.

(Top 3 in each division, plus next two teams make the playoffs)

Tuesday's Games
ISLES at Washington
Tampa Bay at NY Rangers 
Carolina at Boston 
Pittsburgh at Ottawa

When Can We Clinch?
Tuesday -- if the Isles beat Washington
the Isles get 1 points vs. Washington and Boston loses in any manner to Carolina 
Boston loses in regulation to Carolina 

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