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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eddie's Era

Ed Westfall's career can not be measured simply by the numbers.  There are way too many intangibles that would define it.

However, if you look at the era he played, the numbers are real good too.   Congratulations to 18!

Eddie as an Islander: 1972-79

493 games (Third, behind Billy Harris 556 and Lorne Henning 495)
105 goals (7th)
181 assists (4th, behind Potvin, Trottier and Harris)
286 points (6th)
23 PP goals (6th)
8 SH goals (2nd, behind Lorne Henning's 18)
902 Shots on Goals (5th)

9 goals (tied- 7th)
20 assists (4th)
29 points (5th)
3 PP Goals (tied-4th)
2 SH goals (tied-1st)
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