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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

This ... is ... Isles Jeopardy

Common Bonds for $2,000, Alex.

The answer is: Jeff Van Gundy, Jack Kevorkian, 5.5% unemployment

The question:  What were some of the top newspaper stories on March 9, 1996?

1.  Knicks Nix Nelson; Van Gundy Takes Over
2.  Jurors acquit Dr Jack Kevorkian
3.  US unemployment drops to 5.5% -- brightest job news in 13 years
4.  Dow drops 171 points -- 3rd largest ever
5.  Gretzky Who?  Kings are on a Streak (3-0-1 since trade)

and in the agate:  Bruins loan Steve Staios to Providence (AHL);
                            Islanders at Winnipeg 3:00pm ET

That was the last time the Isles faced Winnipeg ... until Thursday that is.
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