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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Several people referenced Howie's post-game comments on all the stuff I sent him during the game. (Funny, when I started doing this nearly 30 years ago I used to mail information to Jiggs -- real mail -- nobody called it snail mail back then.)

A bunch of what I sent got on the air, both on TV and on Chris King's radio broadcast -- some things did not, in part because they didn't happen.

For example-

  • When Moulson scored the first two (in succession), I sent this note:

Last Natural Hat by Isles: Tavares vs Buffalo 1/15/11

  • Late in the 2nd period, with 7 goals in the bank already:

Club record for combined goals/period is 9 , so we're two short

  • And as the game drew late:

BTW -- Franzen's 5th (2-2-11) was into an empty net  (Franzen was the last NHL player with five goals.)

I did hit a home run with this one (which did get on the air):

No 4 goal games in NHL this season. Last Isles: Kozlov at MSG -- 5 yrs ago tonight.

All in all, a fun night for a statistician, even if the game was 1,400 miles away.



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