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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Morrow trivia

In honor of Ken Morrow entering the Islanders Hall of Fame, some Morrow Q&A. 


1. Q  Ken Morrow scored three playoff overtime goals as an Islander.  Who were the opponents?
    A   Los Angeles (1980), Edmonton (1981) Rangers (1984)

2. Q  Who was the starting Islander goaltender for Ken Morrow's NHL debut?
    A   On March 1, 1980 the starting goalie was Richard Brodeur (later to face the Isles in 1982 Stanley Cup finals); it was his only home start as an Islander.

3.  Q  (Warning--this one is hard)  Who is the only player besides Ken Morrow to play for Bowling Green, the Islanders, and in the Olympics.  (Hint: appeared in Olympics after he played for Isles)
     A   Greg Parks  ( who played in 23 games for Isles in early 90s and then for Canada in 1994 Olympics)

4  Q  Morrow is one of 2 defensemen who played for Bowling Green and then had a lengthy career that included a stint with the Isles.  Who's the other?
     A   Garry Galley played 1149 NHL games -- the final season of which was for the Isles.

5 Q  Morrow's first NHL goal came in the playoffs and is one of the most important goals in Isles history. Who was the opponent and goaltender?
   A  On April 11, 1980, Morrow scored in overtime of game 3 of the playoffs vs Los Angeles (and Mario Lessard).  (The best-of-5 series was tied 1-1 at the time; had the Isles lost the game history would likely be totally different.)

6 Q  In the first week of his NHL career, Morrow received a lengthy standing ovation in what opposing rink?
   A   The Spectrum  (in Philadelphia) -- becoming one of the few opponents to ever recognized in that manner.

7 Q  What Cup feat does Morrow share with Bob Nystrom, Mike McEwen and Mike Bossy (and nobody else)?
   A   They scored the final goal in each of the 4 Stanley Cup clinchers.  Morrow's went into an empty net.

8  Q  Morrow's arrival allowed the Islanders to make a trade to acquire Butch Goring -- the final piece of the Stanley Cup puzzle.  What two players went to LA?
    A   Dave Lewis and Billy Harris

9. Q  Morrow is one of 4 former Islander players to win the Lester Patrick Award.  Who are the others?
    A   Reed Larson, Brian Mullen and Pat Lafontaine.   (Arbour and Torrey are also so honored;  there also is a Tom Fitzgerald who has been honored, but he is NOT the former Islander player)
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