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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dupont on Milbury

The Boston Globe's Kevin Paul Dupont has a lengthy piece on the Milbury incident.


An eyewitness' view  (whose son is a teammate of Jake Milbury):

<<Needham resident Peter Weiner, whose son Cole is a goalie on Jake's team, the Boch Blazers, in a phone interview yesterday afternoon confirmed Milbury's account. Weiner said he was there throughout the night, witnessed Jake ''being needled pretty much all game,'' and lauded Milbury for helping to restrain the skirmishing players.

''All he did was stop the kids,'' said Weiner. ''And on top of it, he booted his own kid off the ice.''

Weiner, when asked if Milbury used excessive force to restrain the Blackhawks player or otherwise punched, struck, kicked, or physically abused the 12-year-old, added, ''He did not ..... he absolutely did not, and that's 100 percent accurate. All he did was separate two kids, and I saw his own boy leave the ice in tears.''>>

It will be interesting to see where this goes.  If the dad's name was not "Mike Milbury", I'm gathering we never would have heard about it.

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