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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Boston Herald and Boston Globe on Trivino

Both the Boston Herald and Boston Globe have lengthy stories today.

The Herald's story includes this explanation from Terrier coach Jack Parker as to why Trivino was thrown off the team so quickly:

A second-round draft choice (36th overall) of the New York Islanders in 2008, Trivino had already run afoul of the rules at BU. He was suspended by Parker for "multiple games at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season."

"Corey got in trouble with me because of alcohol-related issues. I told him one more incident and that he'd be off the team," Parker said. "When I got the (telephone) call for the latest alcohol-related issue, he was already in jail. I didn't have to wait to dismiss him from the team. Now, he's got bigger issues with the state of Massachusetts.

"He had alcohol-related problems in the past and I tried to get him help, and he didn't think it was a problem. Well, he proved me right."

Trivino was leading BU in goals (13) and points (17) this season. Parker described Trivino's play as being All-American caliber and said he was "our most valuable player to this point."

Complete story: http://news.bostonherald.com/sports/college/hockey/view/2011_1214trivino_arrest_leads_to_bu_dismissal/

The Globe's story, written by Nancy Marrapese-Burrell  goes even further.

Quoting Parker:

"This has nothing to do with BU, this has to do with me,'' said Parker. "He's kicked out of school because I took his scholarship away. He can't come back because he doesn't have any money. BU hasn't done a thing to him yet. They'll talk to the girl and they'll talk to Corey and they'll make a decision on what his punishment will be, if any.

"My actions have taken BU's actions out of the picture. They can't do anything more to him than I've already done to him. They
can't kick him out of school, he's not going to be here. I don't mean that as good or bad, it's just a fact.

"This is a good kid with a bad problem. Maybe this will get him to do something about that problem, because if he doesn't, this will be just the tip of the iceberg to his problems.''


Hopefully the young lady will be okay...and hopefully Trivino will get the help that he apparently needs.

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7th Woman said...

holy crap. I feel bad for him.

Eric Hornick said...

I feel much worse for her than I do for him. Obviously, however, he needs (and hopefully gets) help.