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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Ryan Strome credited with SH goal - a day later

Ryan Strome was indeed credited with a SH goal in last night's game (his first career shorty)-- the change was made by the NHL earlier today.

To recap, Kyle Turris was penalized at 19:07 of 2nd period and Strome scored at 1:07 of the third (exactly 2 minutes later).  Goal scored exactly 2 minutes after a penalty starts are not considered to be a power play goal and if no other penalties had occurred this would have been credited as a 5-on-5 goal. 

However, Nick Leddy was in the box for the Isles (penalty at 19:38).  Thus the Islanders only had 4 skaters to Ottawa's 5, and it should  (and eventually was) credited as the Islanders' 5th SH goal of the season (tying Toronto & Los Angeles for the NHL lead).  All 5 shorties have been scored at home.

It becomes a tough minus-1 for Turris -- he was still sitting in the penalty box when it happened!  The clocks do not sync, so the penalty time does not tick at the precise tenth of a second that the game clock does.  This can frequently lead to players being released when a whistle occurs and :01 is left on a penalty.  How it said :02 I can not explain, unless the penalty clock starts a bit behind the game clock at the start of the period as well.  These two "bits" could add up to :02 on the scoreboard. (Remember :02 means anywhere from :01.0001 to :02.)

This is at least the 3rd timing issue in NY this season  -- Frans Nielsen's hat trick goal vs Dallas, into an empty net at 19:59.9 should never have happened -- three seconds were put back on the clock after an icing late in the game - video showed that was at least 1 full second too much.  See here:  NYISkinny: Eric Hornick's Blog: Nielsen's First Hat -- but should it have happened?

The Rangers were credited with a pair of goals :04 apart against the Sharks at MSG in October -- but when they reset the clock after the first goal (video review), they didn't adjust the official scoring; the goals were actually about 6 or 7 seconds apart.

But, to sum up the first 30% of the season -- Ryan Strome was credited with a shorthanded goal on a day he didn't even play (today).  The scoring change actually deprived the Isles of their first 4-on-4 goal of the season.  Thomas Hickey got that was credited with that one instead (the other two OT goals for the Isles this sesason were both PP goals).
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