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Monday, January 07, 2008

How many games to 100?

Question for you stat people
Posted by: "mrbelvidear" mrbelvidear@yahoo.com mrbelvidear
Mon Jan 7, 2008 12:33 pm (PST)
What is the furthest the Islanders have gone into a season(games played) before scoring 100 goals?

This is the 6th time in Islander history that they've played 40 games without scoring 100 goals. The Isles have been credited with 98 goals this season, although that includes a goal for winning the shootout vs Ottawa in November.

The other years:
75 in 40 games in 1972-73; scored 100th goal in Game 49
93 in 40 games in 1973-74; scored 100th goal in Game 42
91 in 40 games in 1998-99; scored 100th goal in Game 45
86 in 40 games in 1999-00; scored 100th goal in Game 48
88 in 40 games in 2000-01; scored 100th goal in Game 44

The Isles have allowed only 110 goals (including shootout loss) through 40 games. That's the 7th lowest total in club history. The fewest goals the Isles allowed in the first 40 games was 99 in 1977-78. By that point, they were +66, having scored 165. (In the following season, 1978-79, the Isles stepped up the offense a bit, and scored 194 goals in the first 40 games.)

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