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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Jiggs and DiPi

If you were at the game tonight, you saw a press box shot of Jiggs McDonald. As Howie mentioned on the telecast, Jiggs will be at the microphone for the upcoming road trip as Howie takes some time off. Jiggs will do all five games of the trip; Versus will have the Isles-Montreal on 1/15 before Howie rejoins Billy on 1/16 at New Jersey.

Who will be in goal in Denver on Saturday and Edmonton on Monday is certainly a question. DiPietro broke out new pads for the first period but was forced to remove them before the second period. I'm fairly certain that that directive came from the "War Room" in Toronto which was watching one of the telecasts.

From what I've put together, Ricky may have violated a section of rule 11.8, which notes
"A goalkeeper who plays with equipment that has not been inspected and approved by the League's Hockey Operations
Department, or who tampers with equipment after it has been inspected and approved by the League's Hockey Operations,
Officiating and or Security departments will be suspended for the next two (2) League games, his Club will be fined $25,000.00 and his
Equipment Manager will be fined $1000.00 (to be deducted from his pay), regardless of whether or not such equipment previously
complied with League standards. Each additional violation will result in all game suspensions and fines being doubled."

Forever1940 is the nom de plume of FSN statistician Eric Hornick. Eric, who has worked the Stanley Cup Finals four times, celebrated his 25th anniversary as the statistician on Islander home telecasts on January 21, 2007. Often referred to on-air as an actuary, he is one of 3,044 Fellows of the Casualty Actuarial Society and is the President of the Casualty Actuaries of Greater NY. You can find him in the "Best Seat in the House", to the left of Howie and Billy, at most Islander home games. For more on the actuarial profession, visit www.beanactuary.org

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