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Friday, October 26, 2012

Goodbye November - more cancelations

Several sources reporting that the NHL will blow away the entire month of November today.

The Isles were scheduled to play 13 games in November, which when added to the 9 October games lost, mean that 22 of their games would have been canceled.

Of the 22 games, 12 were home games, meaning that (barring reschedulings or a buyout of the remaining years) 111 games remain on the Nassau Coliseum lease.

The earliest game remaining on the Isles schedule would be December 1st at home against Phoenix, with a visit to MSG on the calendar for the following night.  Of course, the longer this silliness goes, the less chance that the original schedule would be used in any configuration.

Former Sabres executive Larry Quinn had an interesting analysis (from ESPN.com) that both sides should read:

"No matter what system there is and no matter how much fear is instilled in the players about what the future is going to be, the future is that they're always going to make more money. Always; no matter what the system is," Quinn explained. "The proof is in the pudding from the last CBA that their salaries went up 30 percent, and that CBA was supposed to be the mother of all salary reductions.

"Given the fact they've got $3.3 billion in revenue, I believe instead of fighting each other all the time, if there was a clear collaborative effort between players and owners once and for all, that $3.3 billion could be $5 billion. The NHL needs a culture more like the NFL and less like MLB."

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They're fighting over a pie that's going to get smaller said...

I don't think you can count on the growth that occured since last time happening again this time. As a fan I understood that the league needed to refresh its finances last time. This time seems like its all about beating down the other side. I'm willing to bet that I'm not the only fan a little angrier than last time. I found the thank you fans very disingenous last time so they can just skip that. I feel a little bad for the lower paid players as I doubt they will make the missed money up during their career.