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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NHL makes new offer to players -- attempts to save full season

From tweets by Katie Strang, Dan Rosen and Chris Botta, looks like the NHL offered the players a 50-50 deal with no rollbacks.  Apparently the attempt would be to play a full season that would start November 2nd.

Unclear whether this would involve a complete rejiggering of the schedule or playing what would have been the first 4 weeks of the schedule in April and early May (In 1995, the Isles' last regular season game was played on May 2nd).  If the schedule were to begin November 2nd, the Isles would have 9 games to make-up (5 at home and 4 on the road); the Rangers on the other hand would have 8 road games and 1 home game to make up as they were not scheduled to play at home until November 1st.

Promising?  We'll see.

As for now, it appears certain that Islander home games on October 26 and October 30, as well as a game in Boston on October 27th will not be played under the original schedule.

Perhaps Mr. Luntz' focus group shared enough bad news with the league that they are making this move to try to save the entire season.

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