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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NHL offer a hit with fans

Interesting to read some of the comments on TSN.ca to the NHL's proposal.  Seems like the new proposal hit a nerve with fans -- check out the most favorably rated comments:
50/50 is a great offer and the players should take it - if they refuse, they can kiss the little public support they have goodbye!! Well done NHL! Report this comment!
50/50 split and salvage all 82 games. Sounds fair to me. Take it and lets play some hockey. Report this comment!
TAKE IT!!!!!! Report this comment!
NHL just made a 50-50 revenue split offer. If they PA doesn't accept this offer I don't know anymore. Report this comment!
All the owners should just meet with the PA and lay their duckies on the table. What's the point of Bettman, Daly, Donald and Steve Fehr being involved, I mean seriously. Having these guys doing the talking is like having our wives negotiating the next fishing trip. Report this comment!
If the players don't take this, they become the bad guys. Report this comment!
Donald Fehr said the offer - which is at least six years in length - is an 'excellent start' ....................................... DON'T MESS THIS UP FEHR! Don't you do it.... Report this comment!
Great offer take it!!!!!!!! I want hockey! Report this comment!
If Fehr does not take this - The Union/Players are 100 % Responsible for this Lockout. Report this comment!
No rollback and a reasonable attempt at an 82-game schedule? Take it PA, please take it! Report this comment!
Fehr says it's an 'excellent start'. A start, this should be the finish! Report this comment!
The NHL has earned my respect 100 % Not only have they set down 2 offeres in a row, but they have stop playing around and dropped a real deal on the table ! If the PA does not take this deal, we know they are trying to sabatoge this NHL season !! Report this comment!
Obviously don't have all the details - but 50/50 split, no salary roll back? If the NHLPA rejects this, they ought to be ashamed. Report this comment!
nwn dm
Well done NHL... if the PA turns this down they're clearly the bad guys in public opinion. Report this comment!

If by some chance this comes to pass, the Isles (pending the scheduling of these additional games) would open with 4 out of 5 on the road. They would open November 2 at Carolina and then return home the following day to face Dallas, before visiting the three California teams.

The Isles are scheduled to be in Los Angeles on Tuesday, November 6th.  That would not however be the Kings banner raising ceremony -- LA's first home game would be November 3rd at 4pm ET, against St. Louis in a game scheduled to be carried on NHL Network.
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