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Friday, October 12, 2012


@JesseSpector of the Sporting News was having some fun on twitter this morning, asking people for some NHL game shows to fill the lockout-- here's a sampling:

Justin K ‏@Justorbs  
All NHL fans playing Family Game Night because they can't watch hockey. #NHLGameShows

Justin K ‏@Justorbs  
@jessespector A drunken Dion Phaneuf on Don't Forget the Lyrics. #NHLGameShows

Jamie Kellner ‏@jbk_ltd  
.@jessespector Obviously neither The Price is Right nor The Match Game nor Concentration qualify as #NHLGameShows

 Justin K ‏@Justorbs  
@jessespector Jaroslav Halak on The Price is Right. #NHLGameShows

 Jamie Kellner ‏@jbk_ltd  
RT @jessespector: RT @vcarneiro: @jessespector Staals vs Sutters on Family Feud #NHLGameShows

 Carroll Thorpe ‏@CarrollThorpe  
@jessespector the very obvious "let's make a deal" they can all sit and see who gets picked at a chance to play. Big deal? #NHLGameshows

 Michael Rappaport ‏@MikeRappaport92  
@jessespector Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire with Mike Comrie and Mike Fisher #NHLGameshows

 Maria Dimitropoulos ‏@mariadimit  
@jessespector Tim Thomas in "If I Ruled The World" #NHLGameShows

 Justin K ‏@Justorbs  
@jessespector The Sedin Sisters on Project Runway. #NHLGameShows

 Chad ‏@Chadjohnsonprob  
@jessespector (Season in) Jeopardy! #NHLGameShows

  Dawn ‏@jab0217  
@jessespector Geno on Iron Chef #NHLGameShows #BecauseItsTheLockout"

  Matt Johnson ‏@twoeightnine  
@jessespector Win, Lose or Draw: no one since 2005-2006. #NHLGameshows

 Roberto Luongo ‏@NotBobbyLu  
@jessespector Also, Martin St. Louis on Wipeout. #NHLGameShows

 Culture of Losing ‏@cultureoflosing  
#NHLGameShows "Who's Leino is it, Anyway?"

 Ken Ferris ‏@ferris516  

"@95Sports: @JesseSpector Phaenouf and Sean Avery on WifeSwap. #NHLGameShows" Yesssss!!!!

 Ed Mc Mahon ‏@Edmc28  
Vinny Prospal spinning the big wheel on the price is right #NHLGameshows @jessespector

 Roberto Luongo ‏@NotBobbyLu  
@jessespector Scott Hartnell on Wipeout. #NHLGameShows

 erinface ‏@erin_face  
@jessespector sean avery on americas next top model? (Too obvious?) #NHLGameShows

 David Hamilton ‏@TDP_David  
.@jessespector Shane Doan on any game show with a lightning round. #NHLGameShows

 Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector  
If @commie22 and @Hartsy19 grew their hair out, they could be Whammies on Press Your Luck. #NHLGameShows

Will ‏@HeyMyNameIsWill  
@jessespector Dustin Byfuglien breaking through the platform while playing Plinko. #NHLGameshows

T Swift ‏@BEASTModeLynch  
Max Talbot hosting "Does This Look Infected" #NHLGameShows @jessespector

Mark Easson ‏@myNHLTradeRumor  
@jessespector: Plinko, with Gary Bettman as the disc #NHLGameShows

 Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector  
And someone finally went there! RT @25Dog: All hockey fans during this stupid lockout, The Biggest Loser. #NHLGameShows

Ian Hermelin ‏@Hermy11  
@jessespector mathieu darche, kyle chipchura, paul bisonette on "who wants to be a millionaire". #nhlgameshows

Justin K ‏@Justorbs  
Gary Bettman and Don Fehr on Let's Make a Deal. #NHLGameShows

Justin Bradford ‏@justinbbradford  
lol RT @strombone1: The @hockeyyinsiderr on "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" ( not as a contestant but as the 5th grader) #NHLGameShows

Roberto Luongo ‏@NotBobbyLu  

@jessespector Patrick Kane on Cash Cab #NHLGameShows

Don Cherry Parody ‏@DonCherryParody  

 Ian Cameron McLaren ‏@iancmclaren  
Paul Bissonnette on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' http://www.capgeek.com/player/505  #NHLGameShows @jessespector

 Hank Barnes ‏@hb204  
Bettman and Owners "Russian Roulette" #NHLGameShows @jessespector

 It's NosLliWhsoj! ‏@NosLliWhsoj  
#NHLGameShows @jessespector Crosby, Staals, And Nash on Making The Band.

Ian Cameron McLaren ‏@iancmclaren  
Gary Bettman on 'The Weakest Link' #NHLGameShows @jessespector

Jon Strauss ‏@WeberKing  
Matt Cooke on The Running Man (pre Ben Richards) RT @jessespector: Which NHL player would you like to see on a game show #NHLGameShows

 Hank Barnes ‏@hb204  
Jonathan Toews "Make Me Laugh" #NHLGameShows @jessespector

 Victor Carneiro ‏@vcarneiro  
@jessespector Staals vs Sutters on Family Feud #NHLGameShows

Jeff Israel ‏@jeffisrael25  
Byfuglien. Supermarket Sweep. #hams RT @jessespector: Which NHL player would you like to see on a game show #NHLGameShows

  Jesse Spector ‏@jessespector  
#NHLGameShows RT @MikeRappaport92: Bryzgalov on Password

 Roberto Luongo ‏@NotBobbyLu  
@jessespector I think the obvious answer is Carey Price on The Price Is Right. #NHLGameShows

Any ideas?

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